Motorsport WRC - What is it?

The World Rally Championship is a thrilling, globe-trotting tour of some of the toughest events in the world, making it the ideal proving ground for Castrol EDGE to demonstrate its strength to perform.

In rallying, drivers race the terrain and the clock, tackling a series of point-to-point stages over three or four days. The aim: to win by completing each stage – and the route – in the fastest time.

Extreme challenges come thick and fast. Rather than mastering one short circuit for 50 laps, the 350km route of a rally is made up of hundreds of unique corners. Co-drivers shout out notes that paint a mental road map for the driver, but conditions can change dramatically from turn to turn. Rally drivers need immense concentration and fast reactions to adapt to each corner – and the unexpected.

Each event throws up unique challenges. In Sweden, slippery snow-covered roads test a car’s grip and a driver’s skill and confidence, while engines and lubricants have to perform flawlessly, even in freezing -30C temperatures. In Mexico, the thin air at high altitude cuts engine horsepower by 20%, placing even more focus on Castrol EDGE lubricants to efficiently deliver power.

In Greece, rough rocks pound the cars, while the stifling heat can cause in-car temperatures to leap to 60C – the equivalent of racing in a sauna. In Finland drivers must thread sweeping tree-lined gravel tracks at average speeds of over 160km/h, while the twisty, grippy asphalt roads of Germany and France allow drivers to exploit their car’s grip, but leave no margin for error.

Fortunately, World Rally Cars are astonishing machines. They’re based on road-going cars. But, with race-tuned 1.6-litre turbo engines that develop 300bhp and 450Nm of torque, and grippy four-wheel-drive systems, they can crack 100km/h in three seconds and reach top speeds of 220km/h, even on slippery gravel roads. Sounds extreme? You bet. But extremes of performance are what’s required to beat rallying’s best – and that’s where Castrol EDGE delivers every time.

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