Why does an oil need to be strong?

Today’s technology has allowed car manufacturers to produce smaller, yet more powerful and efficient engines. The aim is to deliver increased fuel economy, reduced emissions and high performance. Downsizing, turbocharging and advanced engine designs have now almost doubled engine pressures causing more stress on the oil. The oil is now operating under higher temperatures and stress, in some areas withstanding pressures in excess of 10,000kg per square centimetre.

Under such pressures, the only thing standing between metal surfaces is the oil. That's why an oil needs to be strong and stay strong. And that goes for every drive, every start, every valve rotation, every time you put your foot on the accelerator. You need to have the best engine oil.

Engine pressure has almost doubled

See why strength matters

The strength of Castrol EDGE turns good performance into great. Learn why a strong oil can handle the increases in engine pressure, reduce friction and deliver maximum performance for longer.