Tested to perform Pressures Within An Engine are up to 10,000** Times Greater Than When Kicking A Football

Strength to Perform

Castrol EDGE is strong enough to respond and adapt to incredible engine pressures – up to 10,000** times greater than the pressure generated when kicking a football. Reducing friction and increasing efficiency^^ – giving you the confidence to drive with freedom.

kicking a football

Castrol EDGE with new Fluid Strength Technology™

As engines have evolved, so have our oils, and Castrol EDGE with Fluid Strength Technology™ is our strongest ever oil. It has the strength to reduce metal-to-metal contact when under the most incredible pressures – helping the engine deliver maximum driving performance.

** This figure is an estimate based on Castrol’s calculations and has been derived from studies, by third party scientists, which were commissioned by Castrol in the areas of sports science and automotive engineering.

^^ With the exception of Castrol EDGE 10W-60.

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