Tested to perform The Maximum Endurance Test

Every drive is a test of your oil’s strength so it must have the capacity to respond again and again to a wide range of driving styles and situations.

That’s why Castrol EDGE has been assessed in the most punishing industry test there is.

13,650 litres of fuel, 4 sets of tyres, but only 1 oil**.

In our Maximum Endurance Test an engine is run at full speed and left to run indefinitely until the oil is compromised and the engine fails using 13,650 litres of fuel, 4 sets of tyres, but only 1 oil**.

Maximum Endurance test graph

Maximum Endurance Test - Extreme maximum performance run time

  • This test assessed the oil’s capacity for responding and adapting when an engine is pushed to its limits over a sustained period
  • In Castrol EDGE’s case, its strength was maintained up to 35% longer^ than a leading competitor - demonstrating enhanced performance under the very toughest conditions.

By pushing engines to the point of destruction we’re able to show conclusively that however you drive, Castrol EDGE will have more than enough strength to adapt and respond.

**Representative amount of fuel, tyres and oil used in our MET test, may vary

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